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Yunier Borges Mendez is the owner and inspector of RealCheck Inspections. Yunier prides himself on having cultivated a uniquely exceptional customer service experience, working closely with his clients to ensure that they’re ready to take the next step forward in the purchase of a home. Yunier believes that every family is entitled to a great home, and he’ll go the extra mile to mitigate risks by providing detailed insights about the home that will prove integral to a protected investment.

Certified Home Inspector Yunier Borges Mendez

Construction Is

Where It All Started

Before he transitioned over to the home inspection side of the industry, Yunier worked extensively in home construction and as a handyman. When it comes down to it, hands-on experience crafting and assembling the components of a home is a huge step up from the limited knowledge that can be gained through more indirect means of learning. That doesn’t mean that classroom knowledge isn’t valuable, but combining state-approved training with building and troubleshooting firsthand is key to truly understanding how to properly assess the condition of a home. When Yunier performs an inspection, he can be trusted to identify structural and mechanical deficiencies, while going on to propose personalized solutions so that you understand the best options available to you during final negotiations.

A Home Inspector Who Is

Loyal to His Clients

  • Yunier works in the best interests of every client, evaluating a home from top to bottom so that families know what they’re walking into before finalizing a purchase—helping to prevent emotional buying decisions and the ever-dreaded feeling of buyer’s remorse
  • You can count on Yunier to be totally unbiased in how he presents the home’s condition—detailing both the strengths and the weaknesses of the home in the inspection report to give you the full picture
  • Yunier stays available even after the inspection is over, taking phone calls to answer questions for as long as needed
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